Mission: Create product/company names for a Greek mineral company looking to launch a line of mineral pet products in the U.S market.

Armed with a simple brief, demo video, and description of what they wanted out of the name, I set to work. I needed to come up with a name and some copy for two types of cat litter, a bird litter, aquarium sand, and the umbrella company for all four products. The company’s main priority was to make the names for their company and products something related to the pet the product serves in a very clever and ‘catchy’ way. With strong competitor brands like Purina to compete against, they wanted to make an impression on store shelves, both visually and with their name. I also created copy for the branding books that we created for future marketing communication applications.

After much research and iteration, the names I came up with that the client approved are as follows:

Umbrella Brand: Petssentials

As the foundation of the four brands, it was important that the umbrella company name say something about the animals they served and how pet owners might view our products. An insight that I found through research showed that these are all very basic and needed things that pet owners needed for pet care. What followed was several iterations of the name that we arrived at, which is essentially a compound of ‘Pet’ and ‘Essentials.’

Branding Book: Petssentials_Guidelines

Premium Cat Litter: Purrfect

Punny, and with a lot of potential for use in other marketing communications, Purrfect! was the purrfect name for a premium clumping cat litter that would serve pet owner’s needs purrfectly (last one, I swear).

Branding Book: Brand_Guidelines

Application: Redendering

Cat Litter: Gata Go

Fusing some Greek influences into the brand was difficult, but the Romantic pronunciation of the Greek word for cat is ‘gata.’ Using this, I used this spelling in the euphemism for using the bathroom- ‘gotta go!’

Branding Book: Brand_Guidelines



Aquarium Sand: Aquassentials

Fish puns weren’t sticking. For the aquarium sand name, we tied it back to the product’s essential-ness and affiliation to marine life for the name Aquassentials.

Branding Book: Aquassentials Brand Guidelines


Aquassential Package

Bird Litter: Polly Potty

Danger averted for this avian product! Originally Pio Potty, we discovered that the word ‘pio’ (Romantic spelling for the Greek word for ‘bird’) had a double entendre in Spanish and Greek, we kept the alliteration and instead used polly, referencing the popular phrase ‘Polly wanna cracker.’

Branding Book: Brand_Guidelines


Polly Potty


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